During the first eight months or before your baby can sit up unsupported, a bouncer can be especially helpful as a safe place to lay your baby while you eat, do household chores or take a shower. You’ll discover a variations of bouncer, such as models that rock and bounce manually, battery-operated versions, those with customised movements and music, and more.

What are the main things to look for when shopping for a baby bouncer? Here are some criteria to consider:

  • Is it safe?
    Although your newborn’s movements are limited, make sure the bouncer has a safety harness, possibly adjustable and non-skid. Also ensure there’s padding around the structure of the bouncer to prevent a tall baby from hitting her head on the hard frame.
  • Can it bounce?
    Press it gently and observe how much pressure it takes to bounce. If you’re only looking for something your baby can relax or nap in, this may not be important at all.
  • What’s the weight range?
    Find out the maximum weight the bouncer can take. If your newborn is on the heavier side, you may want to get a bouncer with greater weight limit. Some bouncers can be used as a lounging chair up until 2 years old.
  • Can it be reclined?
    Some sophisticated bouncers can be adjusted to a certain angle – whether a flatter recline for newborns or a more upright position for baby to sit up and see the world.
  • What are the features and accessories?
    Some are basic to the core with just a seat and frame, while some come with the full-blown specs like vibration, music, toys, and carry bag. It depends on your budget and needs.
  • Is it portable?
    If you’re always out and about and the bouncer makes your baby happy, you may want to get something that is easy to be brought around. If this is your criterion, make sure it’s easy to dismantle, assemble and can be kept away compactly.
  • Is it easy to clean?
    A bouncer must be easy to clean as babies make messes. Check to see if the seat cover can be removed for washing or wiped clean.


Check out the range of high quality bouncers in Happikiddo:

4moms Mamaroo

Choose from five motions and five speeds from the easy-to-use LCD display. Select any of the five nature sounds or connect it to any MP3 player. The seat reclines to allow baby to lie back and relax or sit up and play. The plush seat is machine-washable.

Nuna Leaf Swing

The Nuna Leaf range evolves with baby to big kid-size up to maximum weight of 60kg. Its motion lasts unassisted with a gentle push for over two minutes. No batteries, no cord, no buzz and no noise. It locks stationary for feeding or playing time, as well as stores away for easy transport. We carry the Nuna Leaf Curv and Nuna Leaf Grow, with key differences of both being the stand design and Curv’s add-on option to be used with the Nuna Wind auto-swing device. However, Grow can be reclined and has thicker paddings.

Babybjorn Bouncer Bliss

The Babybjorn Bouncer Bliss may be used both as a bouncer from newborn until your child can sit up without help. When your child can walk and sit on her own, you can turn the fabric around to create a comfy chair. It is gently rocked by you or your baby's movements, with no batteries required. The rocking helps your baby train and develop balance and motor skills. It can also be reclined to three different positions for play, rest and sleep. Folds flat and convenient to carry, with an option to add on travel bag, toy arch and different fabric material (mesh or jersey).

Ingenuity Portable Swing

The Ingenuity offers a more affordable range of swing to soothe baby and provide a comfort place for them to relax in. Foldable for easy transport, it also plays soothing music and nature sounds. You can switched between using batteries to run it, or plug it in with its AC adapter. Pick from different models available such as the Power Adapter, Soothe n Delight and ConvertMe.

Akarana Baby Koa II Portable Rocker

Use it as a rocker from infancy, and turn it into a feeding chair after that. The Akarana Baby Koa II rocks your baby in two reclining positions, and includes a stylish canopy for daytime naps alongside a removable tray and a toy bar. It also has built-in sensory soother with music and calming vibrations to soothe baby.