Spectra 9+ Double Breast Pump (FOC Premium Gift Set)

RM 1,306.20 RM 759.40

Spectra 9+ Double Breast Pump

1.     Built In Rechargeable Battery – Now you can use it anywhere- at home, work or when you’re on the go.

2.     10 Level Suction/Cycle (Speed) Adjustment – Allow adjustment to confortable level for optimum milk expression. Mimics baby's natural sucking motion. 

3.     Single / Double sided Pumping – Let’s double Pump. Saves so much time with faster milk production.

4.     Massage (Stimulation) mode – Stimulate your body’s let down reflex to speed up the start of milk flow.

5.     Very Quiet  So quiet, now you can pump next to your sleeping baby.

6.     Timer Check  Now you can keep track on the duration of pumping.

7.     LCD Display– you can easily see where you’re at with vacuum and cycle settings. There’s a battery indicator so you know how much charge you have left on the battery AND there’s a timer so you can keep track of how long you’ve been expressing.

8.   Closed system – Backflow preventer. Hygienic for you and baby. Prevent liquid from flowing into pump motor.

9.   30 Minutes Auto Power-off – Thoughtful design for safety Automatic power-off after 30 minutes.

10.  Free of BPA, Environmental Hormone

It safely made of environmentally-friendly materials like PP (polypropylene) and LSR (liquid silicon).


 Premium Gift Set (FOC)

  • Back Pack-worth RM159   
  • Spectra Manual switch kit-worth RM52.80
  • Ice Pack x 2-worth RM 33.00
  • Spectra pack of 5 storage milk bottle-worth RM 44.00
  • Spectra Handsfree cup-worth RM 258.00



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