100% natural, sweet and crispy fruit chips; great as a topping or healthy snack, no additives. Freeze-dried is one of the latest technique in food preservation.

This method is preferred by NASA to preserve food for the astronauts. It works by extracting moisture from food by vacuum at subzero condition ( -40 degree celsius ). As well as locking in all the essential nutrients, neither heat nor oil is used which meant being healthy can be done without being compromised.

Still rich in vitamins and nutritions, this snack will be great for your little one and the entire family! (not kidding!)

Not fried but freeze dried! Great for the tummy and for health

Each packet : Net.WT.14g

Suitable for 12 months up and Adults

HALAL, 100% All Natural, Gluten FREE, NO Food Additives, NO Preservatives, NO Trans Fat, NO MSG, NO GMOs

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