Mother-K Newborn Baby Cotton Buds 300s Twin Packs

RM 55.00
100% high- quality pure cotton : The swab is even possible to use sensitive baby skin gently with a soft 100% fine cotton and does not leave a residue after use if cotton work out well. Safe paper bar high quality cotton swabs :The swab is gently curved, so no scratches or no damage without irritation to the delicate baby skin. Round shape safe cotton swab for new born baby : When cleaning your baby's ears, It is designed to avoid that deeply into ear which front is a small and back is thicker. Two different types in both ends for baby : The swabs can be used for the purpose in the form of two types when you remove debris in nose or ear. Newborn adhesive swab containing mild adhesive on the skin : Chitosan antimicrobial treatment and individual packaging when using more hygienic, Adhesive swab is easily removed with a sticky surface which is difficult to remove the wax with a plain cotton-tipped swab .



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