Medela Free Style Breast Pump

RM 1,599.00 RM 1,399.00

Medela Freestyle breast pump is the world’s smallest high-performance electric breast pump gives a mother more time and flexibility in her everyday life. Just like its name – Medela Freestyle is ideal for daily and frequent use.

Medela Freestyle breast pump features:

  • 2-Phase Expression
  • Single or double pumping
  • Stylish shoulder bag including cooler for on-the-go convenience
  • Rechargeable battery provides 3 hours pumping time
  • The LCD screen digital display is the best used for late pumping sessions
  • Medela Freestyle provides a memory button can be used to save your favorite pumping pattern for the next pumping session

Breast milk is best for the baby. And the baby’s natural sucking rhythm is best for the mother. In intensive pioneer work, Medela has converted the baby’s intuitive knowledge into technological know-how. The result is 2-Phase Expression – the new standard for unsurpassed naturalness, comfort and efficiency in breast pumps. The innovative technology is based on state-of-the-art research and brings the breastfeeding mother all-round comfort and convenience.

Medela Freestyle is proven to:

  • feel most like a baby
  • get more milk in less time
  • achieve faster milk ejection and faster milk flow

How Medela Freestyle mimic baby nursing pattern?

Studies have shown that babies change the way they suckle at a mother’s breast during breastfeeding by nursing in two phases:

  • Initially, they suckle fast and light to stimulate the milk ejection reflex and to start the milk flowing.
  • Then, they switch to a slower and deeper suck to get as much milk as quickly as possible.



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