Bruno Choice Organic Pasta

RM 23.90


Bruno Choice Organic Pasta, which is made from organic durum wheat semolina, simply because it is healthy and nothing less than beary delicious! It’s also easy to cook. Just boil and serve with all kinds of yummy pasta sauce. Our pasta comes in different shapes and colours, so you can learn while you eat and even play a little with your food. Join Bruno on his many adventures with his friends and enjoy beary nutritious and naturally good food with Bruno Choice Organic Pasta. Ciao! Bruno Choice (a UK company) brings to you Organic Pasta produced in Italy, made with love and most importantly, organic ingredients from Italy. By using bronze die-plates to shape the pasta and then subjecting the pasta to a special drying period, Bruno Choice Organic Pasta takes pride in ensuring nutrients and quality can best be retained in the way our pasta is produced. With no salt or colour additives, what you see is what you get: fun, good quality, and simple food for your family.



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