Free LifePlus Baby Thermometer worth RM229


STERILIZE ALL THINGS UV has been commonly used to sterilize medical appliances, food and water since the mid-20th century.


Vray is the first to sterilize all objects.


5 SECOND STERILIZATION UVC light with scientifically proven germicidal effect. Sterilize 99.9% of germs, bacteria and other micro-organisms in 5 second time.


HOW VRAY WORKS Vray's enhanced sterilization is provided through a high reflectivity anodized aluminum that directs and focuses Philips-certified UV lamps.


HUMAN & CHILD SAFE Prevent harmful UV exposure with Vray's patented Auto-OFF feature that can detect when light is exposed to the user.



LifePlus Baby Thermometer :


Safe and Accurate
•    Easy to use
•    Non Contact / Non Invasive
•    Reliable Germ Resistant
•    Less Than Two Second Response Time
•    Large LCD Backlit Display
•    Multi-Use Measuring Capabilities


    Vray Portable UV Sterilizer FREE Lifeplus Thermometer

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