Soften and cleaner for your under garments. Special formulation always keep your under garments in good condition. Use washing net for best result.
Delicate Lingerie Detergent contains Everlase Enzyme that removes protein-based stains such as blood, sweat, white discharges and other stubborn stains. The formulation not only great in eliminating stains, but also prevent bacterial and fungal growth effectively. This product contains non-toxic formulas, and is made from biodegradable environmental friendly ingredients. Suitable for all delicate garments such as silk, lace, wool and knitted fabrics.

Product Benefits:

  • Remove blood and food stains
  • Prevent bacterial and fungal growth
  • Non-toxic formulas, biodegradable and environmental friendly
  • Suitable for all delicate garments

  • Biodegradable ingredients, softener

    Use Instruction:
  • Pour detergent in luke warm water ( 50°C -55°C )
  • Soak fabric for at least 30 minutes
  • For very soiled items, soak overnight
  • Wash and dry. Do not use washing machine

Lunavie Delicate Lingerie Detergent

SKU: CAE0058

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