• Use the hanger to hang the take-along toy on your baby's infant seat, stroller, or crib for on-the-go and indoor fun.
  • 0-2 months
  • Baby enjoys the soft, delicate sounds produced by the sweet-sounding  of the wind-chime, stimulating both her sense of sight and hearing.
  • 2-4 months
  • Babies spend much time watching the toy dangling , randomly reaching out with their hand and batting at the toy, causing it to swing and make pleasing sounds – a captivating effect that encourages them to try time and again.
  • Adorable clip-toy with engaging wide eyes and an all-smiles expression.
  • The sweet-sounding wind chime will help develop baby's eye-hand coordination.
  • Develops strength in hands and finger with built in BB device, exercise your baby's arm muscles, perfect for little hands to hold.
  • Length: 35.5cm

Holabebe Stroller Hanging Toys


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