-PPSU straw cup from 6 month old, capacity 200ml
-“+” cut prevents any leak from the bottle, and it has 2-way of using which allows baby to drink while sitting down(with tube), or to drink while leaning back(without the tube)
-air valve prevents back flows
-the premium quality of silicone offers safety without any environmental hormones, and the smoothness of the straw protects baby’s teeth or gum
-can be transformable to feeding bottle or spout cup( nipple or spout need to be purchased separately)
-wide neck, very easy to clean, microwave safe and can be sterilized in different ways( hot water or ultraviolet light or steam disinfection are all safe)
-6oz/200ml, weight 130g, L10*W7*H14.6cm(package box)
-more details please check user manual attached in the box

Grosmimi Straw Bottle 200ml

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