WHO, EPA and FAO has classified CIO2 are the A1 grade safe and high efficiency green disinfectant, and is the only certified disinfectant technique. Kill disease-causing microorganisms rapidly and does not create problems of biocompatibility. It has outstanding sterilizing and suppression effect for bacteria that cause cold, hepatitis A, B, polio and deadly infection. The benefits are as below: - It kills not only germs and Bacterias but it kills viruses too. - Contains Chlorine Dioxide. - Totally safe for babies, kids and adults. - It’s natural. - Kills 99.9% germs. - Safe being used as mouth-washed to remove bacteria and smelly breath. - Alcohol free. How to use: To Disinfectant Surfaces - Spray s small amount from about 15cm - Wait for a second - Clean/wipe surface with towel or tissues

C2C Disinfectant Spray 200ml Twin Pack

SKU: CRC10033

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