bruno Choice Yogurt Cubes 16g Suitable for babies 1 year old or older Content volume : 16g - No Artificial color - Make with Real Fruit 47.76% - 4 billion CFU live active cultures - Freeze-Dried Ingredients: Cultured Milk ( raw Milk, High Fructose Corn, Syrup, Oligosaccharide, Purified Water, Milk Cream, Mixture of Lactic Acid Bacteria) (82.62%), White Sugar, Acacia Gum (Fibre), Potato Starch, Frozen dry Lactic Acid Bacteria. Contain: Milk Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Once opened, use with 7 days. Must reseal tightly after opening to protect from humidity. Avoid exposure to high temperatures or sunlight, as this can destroy the live cultures.

Bruno Choice Yoghurt Cubes

SKU: OGC10007/OGC10005

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