Ergonomics Design

  • Streamline curve of the device makes it comfortable to hold and use. It is designed to deliver better experience of temp-taking.


Smart Facial Tips, Caring and Interesting

  • Fever is intelligently expressed by LED faces, smiling means normal, while crying means abnormal.


Accurate Measurement

  • Due to accurate signal collection and analysis, Earmo can reach to the accuracy of 0.2C/0.4F. You can count on it anytime.


Instant Readings

  • Equipped with high-precision infrared sensor, Earmo takes and displays temperature reading in just 1 second.


Intelligent Application

  • Temperature data automatically syncs to the BonBaby App via Bluetooth. The App allows you to create multiple users, receive instant solutions, etc.


Gentle on Baby

  • The gentle probe of Earmo makes it possible to use during baby's sleep. No probe covers needed, simply use alcohol pad to clean it after use.


Quality Craftsmanship

  • We designed Earmo with only the best. We take quality very seriously. Before every part and material is settled, it's been tested and inspected thoroughly. Crafted with durable ABS material and embedded with high quality sensor and Bluetooth chip, Earmo is designed to deliver the best quality.


Bongmi Earmo Infrared Ear Thermometer

SKU: OTT0002

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