Benny Bunny kids are always healthy, happy, active & curious.To support their growing needs and budding taste buds, we bake delicious and nutritious natural ingredients into light, tasty puffs. The perfect size and shape to develop strength and dexterity in little fingers.


High Calcium Calcium is essential to our body's ability to function and our ability to think. The cardiovascular system and the nervous system both utilize calcium, and it's also vital for blood clotting. And, of course, it's directly related to keeping your bones strong. People who don't get enough calcium are more likely to suffer from bone fractures and may develop osteoporosis as they age. They also risk having weaker teeth and tooth decay later in life.


Suitable for Baby 8 months and above They are perfect for little hands and come with handy portioned-sized bags - 6 x 5g individual packing.

Benny Bunny Bites


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