How often do you clean your baby’s gum and teeth (even after breastfeeding)? Try B&B Oral Clean – Liquid to wipe off the residues left in the mouth after feeding


  • It does not contain fluoride, artificial colouring, SLS, abrasive or mineral oil
  • Baby Oral Clean Liquid are suitable for 0 to 2 years old who cannot brush their teeth
  • B&B Baby Oral Clean Fluid comes in 2 fruit flavors (Apple and Banana) with Xylitol
  • No excessive suds making brushing teeth fun!
  • Proceed to Baby Oral Clean Gel (2-4 years old) in the next stage.




For baby from 0-2 years old – Prevent tooth decay and remove plague.


Pump liquid 2-3 times onto sterilized gauze or baby toothbrush, and then thoroughly wipe inside baby’s mouth or brush teeth gently.

For best result, use at least 2 times a day: in the morning and before sleep.

B&B Baby Toothpaste 80g (Liquid Type) 0-2 yr old


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