Baby fruit feeder allows your baby to enjoy the whole nutrition of fruit without chocking risk. Give your babies the freshness and nutrients of fruit. 

Why you should buy this: 
• BPA-Free & Free from toxic materials 
• Enable your child to enjoy fresh fruits without the danger of choking on too big fruit pieces 
• Cute and unique design to attract baby’s attention 
• Great also when your baby is teething, as you can place chilled fruits in the mesh to sooth your baby´s sore gums. 
• Light & easy grip for baby 
• Made in Korea 
• Mesh can be sterilised 

3 stage system: Allows your child to progress on different fruit textures. 
Stage 1: Silicone teat for small juicy & soft fruits (see separate product offer) 
Stage 2: Silicone teat for harder and less juicy fruits compared to Stage 1 
Stage 3: Mesh net for hard and crunchy fruits 

How to Use: 
       1. Cut the fruit or veggie into small pieces and put it into the clean net. 
       2. Put the net into the rim. 
       3. Connect the rim with the holder. 
       4. Hand the feeder to your baby to enjoy the food.

ANGE Safety Baby Fruit Feeder Stick (Mesh) Blue


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