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Yes, yes, yes, I love taking bath!

No more "tak nak" when Mikael is cranky for bathing time with Yookido bathing toys! Mikael got a new attraction to get him to go for a bath - namely the Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station and Yookidoo Musical Duck Race. He really enjoy his bathing time now, mommy also got no problem brushing his teeth anymore, because he is always so carried away with the toys.

Mikael needs an activity to practise his motor skills and develop his brain, but more because he has started to get bored with his routine. Bathing toys are not just toys to distract him, but come with many fatures to encourage motor skills, for example the spraying stimulates baby’s senses of sight & touch. Moreover, the toys encourage independent play and exploration.

The Musical Duck Race helped Mikael to learn while playing. He could recognise the colours with different spraying effects. He could sing the duck song too! Mommy love it too!

Reviewed by Ain Syafiqah

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