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Works like magic!

My firstborn used to have a sensitive skin up till he is around 1 year old. And with a new baby coming soon, I want to make sure that each of their body wear is washed with a good skin protection detergent. I chose nothing but B&B products for it! They have no harmful chemicals in it and are made of 7 natural extracts with antibacterial effects that help to protect the skin.

They also have the best Stain Remover Spray that works like magic! I am re-using my firstborn's clothes for the second baby, kept all the clothes for almost 3 years now and most of them have yellow stains on it but with B&B Stain Remover, it came out just like new! It works wonders especially for white/ light coloured shirts.

I am now using it not for just baby's clothing but also for us adult's shirts too!

Reviewed by Nabila

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