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Wipes for all purpose!

I love the thickness, texture and the just-right wetness of the Natural Organic Wet Wipes. Baby's poop did not seep through the wipes and I only required 2-3 pieces of wipes to clean messy bum only. They are also large enough to fully protect my hands from stains and messes. No wastage.

Know how some wipes stick together in a chunk when pulled out? It doesn't happen with the Natural Organic Wet Wipes. With just one hand, I could pick one wipe at a time - no struggle at all. Great for diaper changing when I'm on my own! These wipes are unscented and gentle with no fragrances to irritate baby’s skin. They are also very soft. I use them for everything - from food mess to diaper change, and also to remove makeup.

Reviewed by Easy Cheah

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