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Which one shall I chew?

Taika has hopped onboard the chew-chew train!! We noticed he started drooling lots and chomping on his drumstick hands recently - signs of teeeething!! So we decided to try out a few different teethers to see which ones he prefers.

Turns out, he likes them all! Ahahhaha our little man chomps on everything like a champ! I love the Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew cause it catches all of his drool. Before this, when I hold him up in a sitting position, he would just drool all over the front of his onesie until the

whole thing is drenched and I'd have to change him out for fear he gets cold. So glad that this solves that problem and the rubber bottom is so convenient, he can just bring it to

his mouth to chew!!

And of course, the famous chew toy, Sophie la giraffe, a staple that every baby must have. I knew about this brand even before I had Taika hahahahaha. Now I get why parents and babies love it. There are so many different textures and the limbs make it so easy for baby to grab. Taika has been enjoying chomping on Sophies legs, looking like a real caveman there.

I use the Nookums Paci-Plushie to soothe Taika to sleep. Sometimes after breastfeeding, Taika still loves to continue suckling to soothe his gums. Eh, please son, mummy is not

a pacifier, okay? When I unlatch him, he will start whining and threaten to cry. So nowadays I will substitute my boob for the paci-plushie and he will happily suckle away and hold the plushie. Super adorableeeee.

Wouldn't know which one to choose as they all serve different purposes, so I'm glad we have all three!! Thank you happikiddo!

Reviewed by Ng Li May

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