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What's a better alternative to a compact stroller? A compact tricycle of course!

We find that it's a little unnecessary to have another compact stroller at Yusuf’s age now with him refusing to sit in it sometimes. #terrifictwo phase guys, don’t you agree? So a compact Smartrike Smartfold 500 tricycle is a better option then!

We had quite a day from the park to buying some groceries with it. Senang nak manage and Yusuf sempat makan breakfast while we strolled around. So now pergi quick outing dengan Ibu boleh lah naik Smartrike je, ok Yusuf? Hehe hopefully duduk lama sikit boleh lah Ibu

window shopping (tengok sayur je promise! :p

Smartrike Smartfold 500 is convenient, fully foldable, just like our compact stroller. Space efficient too if we ride in our smaller car and can easily manoeuvre with its Touch Steering®

Technology. This 7 in 1 tricycle can be used from 9 months to over 3

years old that comes with easy parents to child control navigator button

on the front wheel. From two different positions on footrest to two

pedals mode; training and cycling!

Tak sabar nak ajar Yusuf berbasikal hehe! Is this something to invest on for a long run? I'd say YES! 

Head over to Happikiddo and give Smartrike Smartfold 500 a try for your little one!

Reviewed by Sofeana Sopian

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