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Tracking your little one’s growth at home!

To me, Yusuf’s growth chart is as important as his health. I think most of us worried moms feel the same. Unfortunately for me, Yusuf tend to be scared of the weight machine (can’t figure why) since he had to stand on it a while ago. So everytime ada vaccine checkup, mesti susahnyaaaaa nak get his weight and height. 

Thanks to Bongmi Growp, a digital growth tracker, I can easily keep track of his growth chart at home! The device is so fun even Yusuf pon keep on weighing himself now haha! With accuracy about +- 2mm/50g, the device has an app from Bonbaby connected via phone bluetooth for you to keep track. So canggih!

Other than his weight and height, I can also track his food intake, vaccines schedule, temperature which came from Earmo, Bongmi digital thermometer, that could be the next thing in my list :p

Reviewed by Sofiana Sopian

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