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Top 5 reasons to own the Jetkids

For me, Jetkids by Stokke is a perfect storage for kids’ age 2 until 6 years old. It just not a storage, it has multiple functions which include as a kids suitcase, an airplane bed for toddlers and a ride-on for them too.

Complete with adjustable strap, I can straddle the box and have a long handle to pull Syarif along the trip. The wheels at the front rotate too, so it can go around corners and go fast. The best part is Syarif really enjoy sitting on it; we had an amazing fun whizzing around the airport. Space wise, it's very convenient because everything like toys, cube bag storage, snacks, blanket, etc can be put in one storage. It’s so awesome to finally have something organised and less chaotic with just one suitcase.

Setting up Jetkids during the flight is also really easy. Once Syarif falls asleep, I just set up the bed. First you up clip the lid, and turn it upside down to create a platform. There is a little extendable tray that closes the gap and overlaps with the chair. We just lay the mattress

over the top of seat, use the extendable tray for his feet and Syarif gets to sleeps in a comfortable position. This bedbox makes a coach seat more comfy for them, and better for naps or overnight trips as it turns the space in front of their feet into a lay-flat area. It fits under a coach seat and compartment too.

We really enjoyed using the Jetkids by Stokke for travelling in flight and train. It's an absolutely must-have when it comes to children’s products.

Here are 5 reasons to have Jetkids by Stokke Bedbox as the perfect companion for

your family vacation.

1. Multifunctional

2. Storage

3. Can be used as an in-flight bed / leg rest

4. Easy to keep in compartment and underseat

5. A form of entertainment for children!

Reviewed by Hidayah Roslee

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