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The swing rocker that babysits

Juliana is the type of baby that needs to be rocked to sleep. Not just sleeping, she loves to be carried around too. So far, we have tried every other methods written in any Google search or books on different ways to put her down to sleep but none seemed to work including the shushing sound. As she’s getting heavier I think my arms are about to fall off!

We then decided to give 4moms Mamaroo 4.0 a try. Lucky for us she likes it. We started off by putting her while she’s awake and she managed to play by herself for a good 20 minutes. Phew that was an accomplishment okay! The next mission is to put her to sleep using Mamaroo. Slowly but surely.

What makes this rocker special? It comes with five unique motions - car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye and wave - and five speed options. It also has four built-in sounds and can be connected to any Bluetooth devices. I personally love this feature as I put on my favourite song and dance around foolishly. I call it the modern day swing. 

Reviewed by Jaja Mahdzir

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