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The reclinable and reversible tricycle

We are so excited o review the new 8-in-1Smartrike Smartfold 700 A tricycle with all the leading advantages, it is both compact and portable with many great features. There are many tricycles in the market but the Smartfold 700 is the only that has these features:

* The swivel seat can be rotated, enabling two phases of facing parent or facing forward.

* The seat is reclinable with high-back support, 5-point harness and shoulder pads.

* Parent can control the tricycle from behind and when the child is ready, he/she can maneuver too. Just a button to switch.

* Swivel wheels with built-in shock absorbers.

* Footrest that's adjustable to three positions especially for when baby is lying down. 3 position footrests from early stage.

A great alternative to stroller for toddlers, this is going to be our new favourite ride for park, shopping and travel outings. Go check it out at your nearest Happikiddo.

Reviewed by Diana Syaqina

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