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The playmat that survives the egg drop test

Sometimes we worry about the surrounding of our child's play area and the peace of mind that my new-to-walking toddler is playing safely on the Parklon Pure PVC Mat surely takes the worry away.

The thickness and density of this Mat provides great cushioning for little Rian that even if he falls down, he would be safe from bruises and pain as opposed to falling on the floor. Besides, it's really comfy and soft to sit on too.

I did the nerve-wrecking egg drop test to see if this playmat really lives up to its quality. I dropped an egg on it and surprisingly (and thankfully - think mess OMG!), it didn't crack. Both the mat and egg survived!

What's more, the designs Parklon offer are beautiful and can blend in any home furnishing without turning your home into a nursery look-alike. Two different designs on each side, just perfect for living room, play room or baby's room.

Reviewed by Diana Syaqina

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