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The baby colic & stomach pain solution

Happy baby = Happy mummy!

If your baby is suffering from colic or stomach pains, you can try using the Candide Mini Comforting Heat Pack. The cherry stones heat up quickly and the adjustable velcro straps help to hold the pack in place to soothe baby.

Massage your baby following the spiral pattern to ease discomfort. This product is ideal for small and premature babies aged 0 to 2 months, suffering from colic and regular discomfort. Just heat up the cherry stones pack in the microwave, put it in the strap compartment and wear it on baby. Be careful to test the heat on yourself first. Then massage baby's tummy according to the spiral pattern in the middle.

Taika is quite a big baby now, but he still enjoys having the pack on, even just for a sense of security like a little bean bag weight on his belly.

Reviewed by Ng Li May

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