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Super smart glass bottle

The Everyday Baby Milk Hero Glass Baby Bottle gives indication when the formula is too hot by changing colour to white at over 40 degrees Celsius. Once the liquid is at a comfortable temperature for consumption, the bottle returns to its original color. This is great for any parents seeking to serve the perfect temperature of warm milk to their babies. No more testing the milk with the back of your wrist (or trying it out yourself).

Glass-made baby bottles are best and safest. I like that it's free from BPA, BPF, BPS and Phtalates. Although plastic bottles these days claim to be perfectly safe, nothing beats a peace of mind using glass or the worries that harmful chemicals may leach into milk when heat comes into contact with plastic.

Glass material may sound heavy to bring around? Not really, the Everyday Baby Milk Hero Glass Baby Bottle is very lightweight. Best of all, the bottle has a thin integrated silicone layer that prevents it from shattering if you happen to drop it on the floor. Phew!

Anti-colic and ergonomic design makes it easy for little hands to hold too.

Reviewed by Nadia Najib

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