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Stimulating newborn's senses

A child’s brain is like a sponge, it absorbs efficiently and learns quickly. We got a Babyfehn Activity Quilt for Mikael to keep him entertained when he's awake. It's the perfect first playground for newborns, helping to stimulate and develop his hand-eye coordination.

It is also an excellent way to introduce him to early childhood learning. There are five hanging toys; the mushroom squeaks, the frog chirps, the leaves and flower crinkle and the babydeer tinkles too. The small mirror trains self-cognition and is perfect for “Peekaboo” games.

Not to mention, the quilt is super soft and comfortable for the baby to lay on. We love the enchanted fairytale theme too. The five small toys can be removed and attached to his stroller and car seat, so he can always have a familiar, comforting toy on the go.

Once Mikael is older, we are planning to detach the arches so the quilt can be used for lying down, crawling or sitting during his different growth phases.

Reviewed by Nadya Sani

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