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Say bye bye to germs!

After reading how easily germs, bacteria and virus (you get the gist) spread among children, I wanted to ensure that I can protect or at least minimise Dylan's exposure to these nasties. That's when the B&B Disinfectant Spray came into the picture.

I’ve used it to clean his toys, placemat, feeding chair and even his stroller. So easy and

convenient to use – just spray and wipe! If we’re going out, then I’ll make sure to bring the B&B

antibacterial wipes (which act the same way as the spray) along with us. I’ll usually use this to wipe the highchairs at restaurants or any of his teether or toys that he has thrown to the floor. Definitely convenient when we can’t find a sink to wash the toys properly.

Reviewed by Sherryna Nadia

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