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Saviours for Mom-Bie (Mom + Zombie) like me!

Since I am always a Mom-bie, I decided to stick to a night self-care routine that works best for me, less hassle yet a little rewarding.

I mostly buat kerja on my laptop, jadi my eyes gets too tired jugak kan. So I’m saying goodbye to my panda eyes, thanks to this Tanamera Cold Sensation Eye Pillow yang wangi herba and very relaxing bila I put on my eyes, walaupon Yusuf ada je tepi tu kacau Ibu dia tengah #metime.

I also prefer body oil over lotion because my skin agak kering especially bila dah start jadi mak ni sometimes lupa nak keep the consistency of drinking lots of water. So bila try Tanamera Cold Press Virgin Coconut Oil ni, it’s like a saviour for my skin yeay!

So face washed, serum on, eyes relaxed, body moisturized, think I’m ready for bed now, look forward to tomorrow!

Thank you Happikiddo for providing needs for us moms too!

Reviewed by Sofiana Sopian

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