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Safe & comfortable playmat for little ones

Providing a safe environment for our children is our responsibility. We always want the best throughout their development from a helpless newborn to an active toddler.

Parklon Pure PVC soft mat is our first choice for Qaiser's play area. This playmat is suitable for babies who are just starting to roll over, crawl and zombie walk up until they can finally run around the house.

Its extra soft and thick cushion provides extra comfort for Qaiser (and us too!) and reduces the likelihood of injury from a fall. In order to prove this, I did the egg drop test and guess what? It passed! The egg didn't break. Amazing!

The material is a plus point because it has a waterproof coating for easy cleaning if Qaiser accidentally spills something on it. Just wipe away! Also, we wanted a toned-down, not too colourful playmat unlike the clichè ABC playmat to match our cozy home and this Parklon playmat is absolutely perfect! It has 2-sided trendy designs that match both our living room and Qaiser’s bedroom.

Reviewed by Qusyaire Ezwan

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