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Pretend play mess cleaned up within seconds!

Sebagai mak, kerja mengutip barang ni memang dah fixed as one of everyday chores kan? Kutip baju, kutip makanan sepah and paling tak larat is kutip toys!!!

Yusuf ada a handful of kitchen set already, so I thought getting him a microwave oven toy from Infunbebe Kitchen Super Chef would be nice, as he can expand his creativity through pretend BUT at the same time, I have to think of a way of cleaning the after-play mess quicker!

Thankfully Happikiddo ada jual this Play & Go Colour My Bag 2 in 1, a storage bag and playmat! Not only that, you can also do some colouring with your little one sebab the packaging comes with 3 coloured markers. Otherwise, doesn’t matter what kind, crayon ke,

colour pencil ke, lepas habis colour, masuk washing machine, wash off the colours, dry and repeat!!

Best kan if ada playdates with our mom-friends and anak-anak pon leka je main atas playmat tu. Win-win for everybody!

Reviewed by Sofiana Sopian

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