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Practical stylish bags for mum and toddler on the go

This Baby Mel Cara bag has all features we have been looking for. So much room to fit all of Qaiser’s stuff and it has many compartments including insulated bottle pocket to keep bottle warm or cold, making it super accessible.

I could get to everything quickly whilst keeping everything organised and it also comes with changing mat. The best about the material is it's lightweight and water-resistant so we can easily clean and not to worry if something spills on it. This bag can be used by moms and dads out there as

the design doesn’t look like a diaper bag at all!

We also got a new backpack and lunch bag with straw bottle for Qaiser as he goes into I'm-a-big-boy toddlerhood phase. The size of backpack is just perfect for him; he likes keeping his precious toys inside and carry it around. The good thing is, this backpack comes with safety harness which makes it easy for us to control and keep him safe.

As we always bring home-cooked food for him during outings, the insulated lunch bag is perfect to keep the food fresh. Worry not, the inner material is wipeable, so it is easy to clean too. Winner!

Reviewed by Mohamad Qusyaire

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