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Potty training starts with K-MOM Pull Up Diapers!

Selain practice tiup 3rd birthday candle in 6 months time, Yusuf pon dah boleh start potty train! So to encourage the process as I tick off the signs to look out for, I got him this K-Mom Pull Up Diapers to start with! #slowlybutsurely

I’m honestly not a big fan of pull up diapers sebab most of the brands I ever tried on Yusuf mesti bocor due to him being too active and cutting pull up diapers yang too small for his bum-bum, so he’s been using tape diapers more since day one.

Finally found the best fit for his wide back even though the diaper is super slim, last longer with the help of wetness indicator because I can now gauge his wee wee timing and obviously two cute designs with super soft cotton waistband, just like those training pants for potty!

For now, within a day, Yusuf roughly pakai 2-3 diapers je, so I hope when he turns 3 years old in 6 months time, dia dah 100% potty train during the day. Wish us luck!

Any other tips from experienced mummies or daddies on achieving this milestone quicker? That would be very helpful!

Reviewed by Sofiana Sopian

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