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Portable UV steriliser for everyday use

As a parent, I am constantly concerned about the presence of germs that may harm my family and affect our health. Some germs can cause serious illnesses, more so for young children with lower immunity. You'll be shocked to know the bacteria count of daily items below (reference taken from BBC America):

For peace of mind, I got the latest Vray handheld UV sterilizer. Light and portable, I can now sterilise anything within our household. Vray is capable of eradicating up to 99.9% bacteria and germs in one sterilization session of about 5 seconds.

The greatest thing is, despite the look, it's actually very lightweight at only about 500 grams. It's cordless, unless you are charging it. It took me two hours of charging for approximately three hours of use. You can hold it to sterilise or go hands-free by placing it down steadily while it does its job.

So far I have used it to sterilise all sorts of things within my home: beddings, toothbrush, sink, shoes, gadgets, kitchen utensils, toys, toilet seat, my daughter's stroller, car seat and more. The list is endless!

Reviewed by Putri Yohanis

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