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Perfect play area!

Can you see how big is Yara’s smile for her new play area? She’s totally love the Coby Fence 8+2 Starlight from Coby Haus. It’s like an imaginary house for her.

As for momma, I don’t have to worry anymore whenever I’m going to the bathroom or cooking in the kitchen. This Coby Fence is safe enough for Yara to play around. I rasa

memang membantu betul especially baby from the crawling phase onwards.

Comes with the beautiful pastel color, Coby Fence has a smooth texture, perfect joints between the panels for safety and most importantly it is easy to fold and store.

Love it when i can easily change the shape according to our home area. Today we choose the round shape! Perfect buy!

Reviewed by Putri Yohanis

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