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Perfect for your little transportation enthusiast!

Boys and track set can never be separated! When Yusuf showed major interest in tracks recently whenever I brought him to indoor playground or playdates, it got me thinking, I should look for a track set that last long and beneficial (because I’m that #asianparent).

Hape Emergency Services HQ track set encourages pretend play; something toddler’s creative imagination is best at, both fine and gross motor skills and best part of all, each piece is designed with functional detailing! Yup! The fire engine and police truck have siren on whenever there’s emergency (or in this case, gold mine robbery!)

Well hello (half) wooden toys! Material macamni memang tahan lama so takdelah kita beli lepastu dia tercampak and cepat rosak T.T 

Perfect as a birthday or Christmas present, Hape Emergency Services HQ is currently available at @happikiddo_.

Reviewed by Sofiana Sopian

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