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One touch, sterilise all!

When getting ready for baby's arrival, a steriliser is a must-have. Newborns are susceptible to germs and as such, their feeding bottles along with our breastpump parts need to be sterilised before coming into contact with their milk. Gone are the days when bottles are damp and scorching hot after being steam sterilised. There's now the UV steriliser and we chose to go with Haenim UV Sterilizer for some reasons:

1. It has the biggest capacity in the market for the same price range

2. It is very convenient and easy to use because of its one touch system. The instructions in the manual are very straight forward too.

3. One for all. We like the fact that not only we can sterilise our baby’s bottles, we can also sterilize his feeding utensils, toys, our electronic devices and gadgets. It is multipurpose!

4. Super high tech, it can be synced with my mobile phone via bluetooth and an app. Just a tap to sterilize baby’s essentials.

Clever! For a start, I'm going to start sterilising my gadgets and all before baby comes :)

Reviewed by Nadya Sani

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