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Nursing bra you actually want to wear

Nursing bra has been an important part during my pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. I was having tough time of breast tenderness and swelling during my pregnancy. Not to forget the pain and tears in the middle of the night because of postpartum breast engorgement.

Sometimes, the discomfort makes my mood swing easily. I have tried a few different brands of nursing bras and I couldn't be happier when I got this Bravado Nursing Bra. Luxuriously soft, seamless and wire-free, Bravado's comfortable design melts onto my body and gives me extra comfort unlike other any nursing bras I have worn before. No more that unattractive feeling of wearing something I don't want but need to out of practicality. Not to forget their 4-way stretch fabric can mold into our unique shape and perfectly support our movement during our pregnancy and nursing journey.

This is one nursing bra worth buying. For all the comfort and confidence, I'll give it two thumbs up.

Reviewed by Stephy Wong

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