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My favourite baby bottle by far!

Dad of twins Abu shares his thoughts on the Comotomo Starter Kit: Design: This is the first thing I'll look at when it comes to buying any products. Comotomo bottle has a very minimalist design. It has only 4 parts; Body, ring. nipple & lid. Makes it easier to wash and clean. It also mimics the shape and feel of a breast, which makes it easy to transition back and forth from nursing to bottle feeding.

Build quality: The bottle is made out of soft silicone, which makes it very soft, light and squeezy. So you don't have to worry about dropping your bottle as it won't do any damages to the bottle. This is also great for babies as they like to squeeze things when they're drinking. 

Hygiene: Unlike conventional plastic baby bottles, Comotomo silicone baby bottles are naturally anti-microbial and hygienic. It's also safe to be sterilized with microwave, dishwasher, sterilizer & can also be boiled in water.

Additional features: The nipple has 2 anti-colic vents, which prevents babies from swallowing air while drinking. It's wide neck design also makes it easy for you to wash & clean, and easy to pour formula or breast milk in the bottle.

After using so many different bottles for the past 1 year, I can say that this is my favorite one by far!

Reviewed by Abu Huzaifah

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