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We all hope that our little ones never fall sick, but with the yearly haze, it's pretty much an inevitability. The first time Taika fell sick, his cold and cough developed into fever. As

first time parents, we were really worried and rushed him to the ER in the middle of the night as he had difficulty breathing with his blocked nose. They administered fever meds, put him on a nebulizer to help clear his nose and prescribed a nasal spray for us to use when we get home.

Oh my gosh, Taika hated the nasal spray. Hubs would have to hold him, and I'd have to aim and spray his little nose to try to flush some of the snot out. Because baby nostrils are

so small and delicate, we were told to only spray max 1-2 times every few hours and only as needed. Wahhh, he would scream his lungs out after every spray and we'd feel

so horribleeee.

We bought different sprays but they all yielded the same results. We didn't know if it was hurting his nose...so thank goodness for the LifePlus Baby nasal aspirator. We think it's definitely worth getting because it's gentle to the baby and effective in sucking the snot out. No more tears!!

The infrared thermometer was also our best friend (especially daddy) to monitor his temperature every half an hour (haha, paranoid) until it went down. No touch measuring, just scan and you'll get an accurate reading. No poking in the ear, or the need to replace the hygiene caps like other thermometers.

Reviewed by Ng Li May

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