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Mimicking mum's movements

Thanks to Mamaroo’s bouncing and swaying motion, it makes my newborn fall asleep easily. It's amazing how my baby can be so calm as if he’s in my arms whenever he is on his

Mamaroo. There are basically 5 motions to choose from namely Car Ride, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, Rock a Bye and Wave.

Because of that and its sleek design, for his tahnik and akikah, we decided to just use the Mamaroo 4.0 as his platform. He was contented and did not fuss at all throughout the whole event.

The seat fabric can also be completely removed to wash. Coupled with built-in songs, Mamaroo is definitely a great invention and a great help for first-time mums like me!

Reviewed by Nadya Sani

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