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Lansinoh for my breastfeeding journey

My breastfeeding journey wasn’t easy breezy. I’m not the lucky one. The moment I left the hospital after giving birth to J, my nipples were already sore, cracked and bled. It was painful. I remember I was traumatised for days when I saw blood came out from

J’s mouth.

I remember I broke down and cried my lungs out for the guilt. I remember feeling like a bad

mother for not being able to direct latch my newborn baby for weeks. I remember thinking, is it what it feels like being a mother? Those days were a blur to me. I wasn’t me for a while.

How did I stay sane? I must say I have the best support system in the world from my family to my friends and my confinement lady. They were there to listen to my rants, my complaints and my whining.

How did I deal with the soreness, the bleeding? I used Lansinoh! Literally my life saver! I would religiously apply the HPA Lanolin cream day and night. It’s non-sticky and soothing. I also used the nursing pad to prevent my nipples from worsening. Within a week, I can

see the difference.

What I like the most about the cream is, it’s 100% natural and hypoallergenic which means you don’t have to wipe it off before breastfeeding.

To all new mummies you can definitely give it a try. Got mine from Happikiddo.

Reviewed by Jaja Mahdzir

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