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Keep germs & bacteria away the fastest way!

Knowing Umar, he is a very sensitive child due to his severe asthma. Hence, I need to sterilise his bottles and disinfect all his toys frequently to ensure he is safe from germs and bacteria.

With the Hanil UV Sterilizer, I only need 10 minutes to keep the germs away from his toys. No wash needed unlike before. I can even dry Umar’s bottles using this steriliser. Unlike steam steriliser, this waterless sterilizer takes care of everything, from drying to sterilizing to storage in under 40 minutes.

And I can keep Umar’s bottles and stuff sterilised at all times because it provides storage function that automatically sterilises every 2 hours for 5 minutes. More hygiene and safety for Umar, right?

I can say that this is my favourite household item so far because it’s a time saviour! :)

Reviewed by Dilla

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