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Jetkids Bedbox for comfortable little flyers

I’ve been eyeing to get the Jetkids bedbox by Stokke and finally I got mine. It is so useful especially for a long haul flight. As you know, flying with a toddler is sometimes quite

challenging but this amazing little box has made our flight way easier.

It has a 3-in-1 capabilities that can convert from ‘easy ride-on’ to a ‘wonderful suitcase’ and ‘comfortable bed’. How amazing! Quite plenty of storage it has, I can also store Yara's essentials and snacks for a quick grab during the


Most importantly, it is lightweight hence super easy for lifting and pulling. Isn’t it so pretty and chic to travel with. Mama and Papa were able to enjoy movies while Yara slept throughout the journey.

Reviewed by Putri Yohanis

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