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Helping newborns cope with reflux

Oh nothing, just sitting here enjoying my cuppa tea while the Mamaroo 4.0 does the work for me.

When Taika turned 2 weeks old, he started coughing and throwing up milk about 30 minutes after his feeds. It was really scary because I didn't know what was happening and my previously easy, angel baby was turning into a little fuss monster with this milk regurgitation problem.

So we rushed him to the hospital and found out that he has physiological reflux - like acid reflux for babies. It's common for infants to have this, but even more so for preemies because their systems are less developed. It resolves itself in 4-6 months once the baby is bigger and after solid food gets introduced. But for the time being, to prevent this, we were

advised to hold him up for half an hour after each feed.

Now, you can imagine how tiring it is to hold up this little dude, especially during midnight to dawn, when I really want to catch up on sleep between his 2-3 hourly feeds, but

the little guy is arching his back cause he's uncomfortable and fussing non stop.

Then enters the Mamaroo 4.0 - the bouncer of all bouncers, saviour of mother's arms. Because it has an adjustable recline, instead of holding baby up a la orangmatic, I can

just strap Taika in and let him sleep!

And what? Baby is fussing? No problem!! Ho yeah, this wonderous device mimics the natural motions that parents use to soothe their babies. It has 5 different programmed motions and yes, you have guessed it, you can connect to it and control it via bluetooth on your phone. Thank you technology! I don't even need to leave the bed! It also has pre-programmed white noise that you can play to help the baby sleep, or you

can choose to play your own music.

Taika has really taken to the Mamaroo, but no one is more grateful than me cause now I dont have to see my baby suffer and I can catch up on sleep too! Ah, the relief!!

And guess what! The mamaroo is currently being used in over 300 hospitals to comfort babies and prevent reflux in preemies. It's been such a great addition, I cannot commend this product enough.

Reviewed by Ng Li May

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