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Happy bathtime

Who doesn't like some splashy fun during bathtime? Qaiser looks forward to mandi time these days, more so after we got him some bath toys from Yookidoo. It has become a great father-and-son bonding routine for us now.

Colourful and bright, we first introduced these toys to Qaiser by telling him the colours on them. Then the fun began!

The Yookidoo Submarine Spray station has been very engaging. Qaiser learned how to grasp the shower head and spray water at the nozzle, triggering the googly eyes and wheels to spin. This teaches cause-and-effect as well as develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The Musical Duck Race is equally fun. Coupled with some cute sounds, each duck reacts differently to the water flow when placed on top of the fountain, stimulating sensory play and encouraging

curiosity. Qaiser loves catching the ducks and often giggles upon seeing how they spin.

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my child happy.

Reviewed by Mohamad Qusyaire

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