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Happy Bath = Happy Baby

Baby bath time is a perfect time for bonding with mum and dad. Enjoy every second of that quality time with giggles, splashing and loving each other's company. 

As new parents, no doubt we feel anxious when it comes to bathing our newborn. But what if there's a smart bath that can help to kick away all your worries and give you confident to bathe baby? 

The best shower buddy both Luna and myself love the most is Murmur Smart Baby Bath Seat. It comes in really handy which means I can bathe Luna safely without worrying about slipping or losing my grip.

It can also be used to wash baby's bottom on the washstand, sink and basin. And if you have a baby like Luna who enjoys sitting upright, you can even use it to prop him/her up safely.

Reviewed by Stephy Wong

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