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Hands-free pumping at its best

I always pictured breastfeeding is a beautiful part of the motherhood and baby journey, and it really is! Balancing work with a new baby is nothing short of hard work.. and I need to plan ahead to make it possible for me to exclusively breastfeed my son after returning to work.

Other than investing in a good breast pump, I’ve tried the Freemie collection cups and would love to recommend it to every mother, especially working moms as it is designed for hands-free pumping. It has completely different kind of milk collection system where everything fits into your bra – no bottles and pump parts hanging off your chest!

Whether you’re working, running errands, driving or even while you hold your baby. Simply tuck the cups into your bra, plug in the tubing, turn on the pump and let the magic happens!

This Freemie collection cup is compatible with my Spectra 9+ pump and other models too.

Available at Happikiddo.

Reviewed by Dr Maisarah

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